We are Kasino.
We are the people who make the Kasino A4 magazine.
In addition to the Most Melancholy Magazine, which was launched in December 2005, we collaborate on a wide range of projects from record cover concepts to fanzines about seminars. Making diamond-like quality is our core business & pleasure.
When we do whatever we set out to do we naturally employ our own creative minds as well as the top-notch skills of our talent pool.
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Got talent?

We’re constantly on the look-out for creative minds who get up to off-the-wall'n'unique work. If you want to get involved, drop us a line at KasinoA4 at WeAreKasino.com.


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Party Like It's The Last Party—This is the end. Kasino A4 #10—THE DEADLINE ISSUE is the final Kasino A4 ever. But we have a prediction: A new incarnation will materialise in 2010. See you in the next life. Meanwhile we partied like it was the last party in Bio Rex with our very special guests on October 16th. IVANAhelsinki paraded prime fashion on the night and Aaltonen & Tamminen provided the monolithic necklace that got you in. Thanks also to the other party collaborators: Peroni, Maatilatori, Pelago Bicycles, Beamhill, Precision Audio & the Misf*ts DJs, who took everyone to The End dancing.

Flick Premieres—Watch what Kasino A4's film department has been cooking up. First we did some countryside craziness in Masku, Finland featuring Regina's song "Totuus minusta". Here! For it we teamed up with motion designer James Martin, who was there again doing his magic to create a teaser movie for sensational Finnish band Lapko. See the flick here! More of James here.

Kultahuippu!—Kasino A4 was given the Golden Award for Publication Design in the Vuoden Huiput—Best of the Year 2008 competition. Meanwhile, our very own Jussi Puikkonen was celebrated as Finland's Magazine Photographer of the Year by Aikakausmedia (The Finnish Periodical Publishers' Association). We take the praise and prestige humble'n'happy as ever.

The Grayscale Bar—Kasino A4 The Grayscale Bar was open for a glorious three days in Luxembourg during the Colophon2009 magazine event. It was a three day blast of white drinks and black drinks. Relive it with these images—best-viewed with a swig of vodka. Or coffee. Thanks to all involved!